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Fat Transfer and Facial Augmentation

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Fat Transfer (Microlipoinjection)

Microlipoinjection, also known as fat transfer, is a popular facial enhancement technique undertaken at our Melbourne cosmetic surgery practice. The procedure involves harvesting small amounts of fat from areas like the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen, and re-injecting them in the face to enhance the lips or cheeks. During these procedures, both the extraction and injection site are numbed with local anaesthetic solution and the fat is withdrawn with a needle or lipocannula. After the fat has been treated and prepared, it is re-injected until the desired fullness is achieved. In most cases, microlipoinjection is undertaken as a day surgery case under local or general anaesthesia. Fat transfer techniques are controversial but appear to be effective in enhancing facial volume that dissipates with advancing age. We know that not all transferred fat will be incorporated into the recipient site so some overfilling is required. Fat transfer techniques are often incorporated into other facial rejuvenation procedures like blepharoplasty and facelift surgery or undertaken as an individual procedure.

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Who is a candidate for microlipoinjection?

Fat transfer injections are most frequently used for patients seeking enhancement of the lips and cheeks or for correction of facial expression lines and wrinkles near the mouth, nose, eyes, and forehead. Fat transfer can also be used to correct certain facial deformities, including scarring and more severe facial depressions. The treatment is often combined with facelift, eyelid surgery or other cosmetic procedure to maximise the facial rejuvenation effect. Please contact Bayside Plastic Surgery in Melbourne, Victoria to find out what fat transfer techniques might offer you. Dr Ross will be able to advise on your treatment options.

What results can I expect following microlipoinjection?

Because transferred fat can be quickly absorbed, it is usually necessary to over-inject the treatment site in order to ensure that an adequate quantity of fat remains. Initially, this may contribute to a slightly swollen look, which will settle over the course of a couple of weeks. The use of cold compresses to minimise swelling is usually effective soon after the procedure.
Facial rejuvenation with microlipoinjection is considered an extremely safe cosmetic surgery treatment. There is no risk of allergic reaction since the fat will be harvested from your own body and there is a very low incidence of side effects. The success of the treatment will vary for each individual, but most patients will see improvement for approximately three to six months and some injected fat will remain permanently. If you are considering facial enhancement with fat transfer, please contact
our Melbourne cosmetic surgery practice today.

Facial Augmentation with Facial Implants

Enhancement of the facial skeleton can be of great benefit in providing a subtle yet profound improvement of the bone structure. With facial implants, Dr. Ross can enhance the facial features where the facial skeleton appears to be underdeveloped to create a better-defined, more attractive facial appearance. The most common facial implants used are those designed to enhance the definition of the chin. This cosmetic surgery procedure can be undertaken alone or in conjunction with rhinoplasty surgery to rebalance the lateral profile of the face or in combination with a facelift or neck lift to provide an enhanced rejuvenating contour of the neck. Other commonly used facial implants are those designed to enhance the angle of the jaw, provide more prominence to the cheekbones, or to enhance the shape of the nasal dorsum. Placement of these implants can also be undertaken as an individual procedure or in combination with another facial cosmetic surgery performed through our Melbourne practice.

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What types of facial implants are available?

There are three different facial implants commonly used by Dr. Ross. The implant that has been available longest is the preformed silicone implant. This implant can be easily inserted and is probably best considered if subsequent removal is thought to be likely. As it is silicone based, it will just sit over the bony prominence to give enhancement. It does not incorporate with the bone and therefore can more easily become dislodged or infected. The most commonly used facial implant at present is the Porex (polyethylene) implant, which is made of a synthetic porous framework with a prefabricated shape. It is more difficult to insert but once in position, its porous nature allows tissue ingrowth and eventually transformation into bone. Due to its incorporation into bone, subsequent removal (after 6 months) can prove to be difficult. The final type of facial implant is hydroxyapatite, which can be used as a preformed implant or a putty-like compound. It has a biochemical makeup similar to bone and over time, it will eventually evolve completely into bone for a more stable, long term result.

What can I expect during and after a facial implant procedure?

If the implant is inserted as an isolated procedure it is undertaken as a short day surgery procedure under general anaesthetic. Often these implants can be inserted through hidden incisions, via the mouth, nose or under the chin in the anterior neck. The procedure can usually be completed in less than one hour. There is usually a very short recovery time and many patients can be back at full activities within two or three days. On some occasions prolonged swelling at the operative site may delay recovery, but will usually settle over a couple of weeks. After a couple of months, the implant will incorporate into the bony prominence and feel quite natural. It is not uncommon for patients with facial implants to be able to feel them under the skin over boney prominences and this is quite normal. If you have any queries about what is written here or if you would like to find out more about facial augmentation procedures, please contact our cosmetic surgery practice to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ross.

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