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Male Aesthetic Chest Surgery

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Correction of Gynaecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Male cosmetic surgeryOvergrowth of mammary tissue in males can be a cause of considerable embarrassment and is readily amenable to correction with a body contouring plastic surgery procedure. If breast overdevelopment is related to anabolic steroid usage, this medication should be ceased at least six months prior to any corrective surgical procedure. Breast development may be related to a hormone imbalance particularly in teenage boys which may need to be excluded by an endocrinologist prior to undergoing surgery. Also it is important to be at optimal body weight at the time of surgery for the best aesthetic result from surgery. Patients in the obese category should aim to have their body mass index (BMI) in the normal range prior to undergoing surgery if that is possible.

Who is a candidate for correction of gynaecomastia surgery?

Men of all ages are candidates for surgery to correct gynaecomastia. The condition is often seen in teenagers and if no endocrine cause can be identified surgery is very effective in addressing the physical and psychological symptoms of this condition. In adults often breast development can be out of proportion from the remaining truncal shape. Prior to undergoing surgery for gynaecomastia it is best to be at an average weight to achieve an optimal result and avoid increased risk of complications. In men who have undergone dramatic weight loss surgery will often involve removal of redundant chest wall skin as well and therefore additional scarring.

What can I expect during and after a male breast reduction procedure?

Surgical correction of gynaecomastia is usually undertaken as day surgery procedure but some patients may require an overnight hospital stay if drains are thought to be necessary. Initially the chest wall contour is corrected with liposuction and then the remaining breast tissue is surgically excised through a small periareolar incision. In weight loss patients with redundant breast skin, this will need to be removed also creating additional scarring. Usually a small drain tube is inserted and a compression garment applied to avoid swelling. The compression garment is best worn for 6 weeks to optimize healing and maintain the postoperative chest wall contour. It is possible to return to work after one week and full sporting activities after 2 months.

Please look at the outcomes of some patients who have undergone correction of gynaecomastia surgery recently. If you would like to discuss this procedure in more detail or to clarify any issues mentioned here please contact Bayside Plastic Surgery to arrange a consultation. Dr Ross will undertake a gynaecomastia consultation, where an assessment will be performed and a surgical plan determined to best address your concern.

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Pectoral Enhancement in Males (Pectoral Implant Surgery)

Pectoral Enhancement procedures are undertaken with silicone filled shaped pectoral implants. Surgery is similar to that required for women undergoing breast enhancement surgery with breast implants. Previous patients have expressed great satisfaction with their improved anterior chest contour following pectoral enhancement surgery. If you desire an improved chest contour and have had difficulty achieving this with exercise maybe you should consider pectoral implants. Dr David Ross will spend time during your preoperative consultation explaining the procedure and likely outcome. He will also undertake an assessment of your chest contour to ensure you are an appropriate surgery candidate and also describe the complications that might occur after implant insertion, so you can make an informed decision to proceed.

Who is a suitable candidate for Pectoral Augmentation surgery?

If you are hoping for improved anterior chest wall definition and are in good health you will probably be a candidate for surgery. We prefer potential patients not to be taking anabolic steroid medication for at least 3 months prior to surgery. It is important to understand the long term ramifications of silicone implantable devices before committing to surgery as they are not considered life-long devices.

What can I expect during and after Pectoral Augmentation surgery?

This procedure is usually undertaken as an outpatient case in a day surgery facility. As in a breast augmentation case in a female, the incision is placed in the axilla and a submuscular pocket is created with the operating endoscope beneath the superior part of the pectoralis major muscle. Once the pocket is complete the pectoral implant is inserted (3 sizes are available) and secured into position. Drains are usually not necessary and a compression garment is applied for 2-4 weeks to minimise swelling. Most patients can return to their work duties after one week but exertional physical activity should be avoided for 4-6 weeks while healing is occurring. Possible complications from this procedure include implant displacement and asymmetry, implant leakage, capsular contracture and recurrent seroma formation.

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